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Here at BIGTOP Roofing & Exteriors we strive to not only provide unrivaled customer service, craftsmanship and products that excel in Alberta’s changing weather but we also strive to support the communities that we work in. We are always looking for ways to help these communities grow, prosper and also to protect them from mother nature’s fury. 

Airdrie holds a special place for us here. Situated just north of Calgary, Airdries weather systems are very different than it’s big brother to the south. High winds, damaging hail and violent thunderstorms plague this community of 28,000. Each year there has been at least one major storm that has damaged thousands of homes. Roofs, siding, doors, windows and everything else gets pummelled by these storms and has to be restored or replaced before another storm rolls in. We are here for Airdrie and promise to be there after the storm to help put the pieces back together and even provide products that will resist these damaging storms. 

We also like to have fun in our communities and feel a sense of pride when we get involved. Whether it is collecting donations for the local food bank, being a Platinum Sponsor for the Home Show, participating in the local parade or even providing hot chocolate for the New Year’s Eve festivities. BIGTOP Roofing & Exteriors will be there for the fun but also for when you need us most. After the storm.