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At Big Top Roofing & Exteriors we specialize in making your home "Hail Proof". By installing a rubber roofing product, using composite siding, heavy gauge steel for gutters and tempered glass for your windows you can be rest assured that your home will stand up to the Alberta's fiercest Hail Storms. Please feel free to contact us for a free "Hail Proof " estimate or for more information. 

In Alberta we are known as the "Hail Capitol of the World". Every summer relentless storms barrage our homes with huge hail stones causing significant damage to roofing and siding. Each year we all clean up from the damage, repair and replace the roofing and siding and then another storm comes and start the process over again. Well no more. Now with a wide variety of Hail resistant products available we can stop the cycle. We can stare at the storm straight in the face and say bring it! 

Hail Proof Your Home